Vegan Diet Slows Down My Brain – Revisited & Confirmed

I do (paleo) vegan fast every year. I eat ad libitum, but no animal foods. Gluten and refined plant oils are also excluded, as they are during the rest of the year.

The fast is a welcome stressor and forces some variability into my eating habits. It is also an opportunity to assess effects of various types of foods on my brain.

This year’s 42 days fast confirmed findings from the last year.

Going vegan hurts my choice reaction times. The mean reaction time deteriorated by more than 4 milliseconds. Almost one standard deviation move (5.9 msec.).

My condition worsened with time. Note the sharp drop in the reaction times immediately after the animal foods reintroduction. The negative measured effect as well as subjective weakness and clouded mind went away immediately after the first steak.

The graph shows the average time of every finished set of my choice reaction times test. Red dots are the test sets during intervention, blue during control months. The black trend line is a 7 day (14 sets) moving average.