I collect, scrutinize, develop, test and sell ideas. If you need a label for it use Empirical Praxeologue or Membiont Hunter.

I am obsessed with money. Not dreaming about ways how to get rich, but thinking about how money became the DNA of society. It is the main force of culture for the domestication of Homo sapiens. I write  and give talks on other praxeology topics too. I worked in banks and private equity. In 2006 I co-founded Slovak economic think tank INESS where I am still active. I advise people about money. I made my first trades in the market in 2001. My clients include blue-collar worker, millionaires, companies and governments.

I taught and still do freediving  in Slovakia Freedive Team. I am felixvore.

Here is my book on money, financial system and the next crisis (2015):


Here is the last one, on saving in gold:

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